Reasons why people love the TA 4

You can be sure that lots of people found a game interesting by the number of online downloads. GTA 4 Is one of the most downloaded games online. One reason it found favor among professional gamers is the storyline; it has one of the best storylines ever created. In جاتا مصر, you do not have to rob the bank simply because you are poor and a loser; also, you will not be required to get a job so you can protect your neighborhood.  People really appreciate the quality picture of the game; they said goodbye to all the clunky animations and did not have to put up with the 2-dimensional characters. Other features that are no longer in the game include; jar binks the wannabe gang banger, the gangster with two psycho men, the old man who was whiny and is hated by the family, and the one dimensional psycho.

Now that we have talked about what they got rid of, let us check out the new features that brought everyone to their toes. People love the storyline of a broken soldier who is on a revenge mission; the woobie cab driver who had no luck left and the Rastafarian who smokes weed and sells you some riffles at the same time. Other dramatic characters include; the Irish madman who has family issues, the jacked up maniac who is egoistic and has some brother issues, the drug queen who has serious mental issues and the Russian mobsters’ sidekick whose loyalty was not really determining. The state of the city is disheartening; it is in despair; and the area has some bleak rainy days. What motivates the character to stay alive? The fact that the choices you make have moral consequences.  The cover controls, driving controls, gun buying and the whole game, in general, is clunky.